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NCR53c875 chip in SCSI card won't work

I've got two new computers which have Symbios Logic SYM8751SP cards with 
the NCR53c875 chip. The installation disks I've tried (resq1440.bin of 
4Jan97 19:39 and rsc1440.bin of 18Jan97 21:53) both fail to detect any 
disks so I copied my custom 2.0.27 kernel from a previously new computer 
(which has the 53c815 chip in it, but very little different) in place of 
"linux" and tried again.

The 53c875 card is detected but doesn't work properly. I don't know if 
the problem is something to do with PnP because, naturally, the machine 
was supplied with W95 (including a FAT32 disk). These are the messages 
that booting up linux produces:

ncr53c8xx at PCI bus 0 device 13 function 0
                              (I don't know what the 13 refers to. On the
                               PCI, the host is 7, the disk is 0)
ncr_attach unit=0 chip=875 base=ffbeec00 io_port=f800 irq=11
                              (these values agree with W95 properties, 
                               though the latter shows memory ranges
                               c8000-ca7ff, ffbeec00-ffbeecff,
ncr53c875-0 using memory mapped IO at virtual address 0x2823c00
            initial SCNTL3=55 final=35
            shared irq 11 dev id=0x84068
            restart (scsi reset)
scsi0 : ncr53c8xx (rel. 1.12c)
scsi : 1 host
       Fujitsu M2952E-512 rev. 0142
       Direct-Access      ANSI SCSI revision 02
Detected scsi disk at scsi 0 channel 0 id 0 lun 0
scsi : detected 1 SCSI disk total
ncr53c875-0-<target 0, lun 0>: WIDE SCSI (16 bit) enabled.            |
                               FAST SCSI-2 100ns (20Mb/sec) offset 8. |
ncr53c875-0: restart (ncr dead ?).                                    |
sda : status=1 message=00 host=0 driver=28
      extended sense code=6
      block size assumed to be 512, disk size 1GB
                                  (then it detects the 3c509 correctly)
Partition check:
Then the three lines with the side bar are repeated ad nauseam.

Are there any clues in there? Or do I have to go back to Viglen and ask 
for 815 chipped boards to be supplied instead?
David Wright, Open University, Earth Science Department, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
U.K.  email: d.wright@open.ac.uk  tel: +44 1908 653 739  fax: +44 1908 655 151

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