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Re: code-names

On Apr 3, Douglas L Stewart wrote
> On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> > Can we use glibc NOW along with the normal c lib? I have a program that
> > will require the use of pthreads and it might be a good idea to use a
> > thread safe C library, I can likely get by without, but.. 
> libc 6 hasn't been officially released yet and it'll be a little while
> before any distribution includes it as a stable package.  I'd suggest just

No, libc6 has officially been released, and aside from some minor utmp
annoyances, it is quite table.  The only reason libc6 is in the
experimental section rather than the unstable (i.e. development) tree
is because I didn't want it's presence to confuse anyone and slow down
the release of Debian 1.3.

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