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Re: lilo.conf--vga=ask doesn't; APM

> > I do have one question about /lilo.conf/: I'd like Linux to use 480
> > pixels vertically rather than the 400 scans it seems to use by default. 
> > So I read and read and read, and eventually came accross the 'vga=ask'
> > entry for lilo.conf. Only, it doesn't ask anything, just boots
> > up as it usually would, at 400 scans. Is this broken or am I missing
> > an obvious step?

You might find that svgatextmode is what you're looking for. It can be a
bit of an ordeal to set up, but it gives a lot more control than the
lilo vga thingy. Just be sure to read all the documentation, as you can
mess your terminal up if you get it wrong (I did!).

Once it works it's _very_ nice though.

John Foster

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