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Re: Newbie question on tar with a remote

> Hi,
> I woul like backup our linux box. Our Exabyte is on a other machine, a Sun
> on Solaris. I have the permission to access the Exabyte on the Sun. But, I
> have some problem to backup our hardrive on the Exabyte with the tar
> command of Linux. Anyone can help me?
> Thanks in advance,
> Dany Dionne

What kind of problem ? Does the Sun machine deny the use of the
tape drive?

I do the backup of my linux machine on a remote Exabyte on a hp-ux machine.
I also use tar since dump never worked for me using a remote tape drive.

But since it is the root of the linux machine that will try to access
the tape drive on the remote host, and the root of the remote host
will not give permission to another root, I do the access like this:

tar cvf $tape .....etc

In the regular_user account at the remote host, the file .rhosts
will give permission access to root of the linux machine. The remote
machine has to allow that regular_user to access its tape drive.

But now there is one more detail.... I see in my script that I'm
using /usr/local/bin/tar, so I'm not using the tar that came
with linux debian (by the time I set up all this it did not work),
I got the source code for tar from the gnu site and compiled it...

So if your problem is not with permission access, but to the fact
that the tar command does not recognize a remote tape drive, 
get the source code from gnu. I never tried with the new versions
of tar that appeared in debian, since my script is working fine...

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