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lilo.conf--vga=ask doesn't; APM

Fellow Linuxists,

I've just subscribed to this list after having installed Debian
on my laptop. I am very grateful that such an OS is available! It's
been a steep learning curve, but a worthwhile one.

I do have one question about /lilo.conf/: I'd like Linux to use 480
pixels vertically rather than the 400 scans it seems to use by default. 
So I read and read and read, and eventually came accross the 'vga=ask'
entry for lilo.conf. Only, it doesn't ask anything, just boots
up as it usually would, at 400 scans. Is this broken or am I missing
an obvious step?

Also, I thought that /APM support/ is in the post-1.3.something kernel.
I get the message that there is no APM support in my 2.0.27 one and 
kerneld doesn't seem to load it either. I had dselect install the APM
package. Can this be set straight short of re-compiling the kernel? 
I'm happy I've got this thing all set up finally, and I'd like to grind 
my teeth on some simpler things first.  

Cheers, and thank you for any suggestions you might have,


Nikolaj Richers, North York, Canada, nrichers@nexus.yorku.ca

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