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Netgroups won't work


I have put together a handful of PCs and installed the latest rex on them. nis
is working ok, but I can't make netgroups work.

The clients (and servers) can retrieve the netgroup map:

% ypmatch tudog netgroup
(turing,-,) (ritchie,-,) (knuth,-,)

The hosts are also in the hosts file. All host.conf files have the 'nis'
keyword in the order line.

% ypmatch ritchie hosts   ritchie.ime.usp.br      ritchie

However, entries like '@tudog' in the files hosts.equiv and exports don't
work. Here's an error message:

Apr  2 20:40:32 turing mountd[178]: Unauthorized access by NFS client

If I add ritchie explicitly to the exports file, there's no problem.

I'm using libc 5.4.20 & nis 2.00, BTW. I also tried to use the bo libc & nis
packages (on another net, this time using a sun nis server), to no avail.

Any hints?

Thanks a lot,


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