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Re: Converting ascii to ebcdic, and vice versa

On Apr 1, Walter L. Preuninger II wrote
> I am looking for a library function to convert ascii to ebcdic, and/or
> ebcdic to ascii. For example, '0' = 0x30 in ascii, 0xf0 in ebcdic.
> I see the character maps in /usr/share/i18n/charmap, but have not found
> any routines. Aix has a function called iconv. 
> I could build my own conversion tables, but that is a last resort.
> Any ideas?

If you want routines, my guess it that you'll probably have to roll your
own, or at least modify already existing routines. But if you're looking
for a program, try recode (there's a Debian package available). It will
convert from anything to anything.


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