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Re: does debian 1.2.x support umsdos

jozien@crow.cybercomm.net said:
> I have an AT&T globalyst 362TPC comuter with a s3 trio 64 chip set. I 
> am now using slackware 2.2 running linux 1.2.1 kernel as a umsdos 
> file system. It is working fine except I can't get xfx86 running. I 
> want to upgrade the linux kernel to 2.*. I am interested in using 
> debian as my linux because I had heard good reports on debian. I am 
> interested in a new book from http://www.ssc.com  "Linux Installation 
> & Getting Started, Version 3" which contains cd-rom with debian Linux 
> 1.2.x. Does debian support umsdos? Does it have xf86? What version of 
> the  linux kernel is in debian 1.2.x? I like umsdos because you don't 
> need lilo which can cause problems because it can mess up your MBR 
> and it is hard to configure. I also use loadlin to boot up from my 
> dos partition. umsdos also lets you access all your dos files as it 
> can coexist with dos. Please answer by email. Thanks in advance,

> jozien@crow.cybercomm.net 

Yes umsdos can be good if you want a slower system.  Not that noticable but 
I'm picky that way.  Debian does have all of the above and a better install 
interface than slackware (I've had it).

You should be aware that the new modules for the kernel enable you to read 
msdos and the vfat that windows95 uses for long file names.  From the linux 
partition I can read any msdos or win95 file I want without a problem.

The present kernel in the Debian package is 2.0.27.  

Lilo doesn't mess up your MBR.  To configure it just run the liloconfig.  It's 
really pretty easy.  There's even a quickstart script to get you up and 
running.  And you can still use loadlin to boot across to linux without a 

If you want a perfect linux system one of the steps is having it in it's own 
filing system.

Running a 3 year old distribution I can understand the confusion.  Linux has 
grown quite a bit since that, a.out, antique version you're using.  You 
probably can't run X because you have half ELF and half a.out files that WON'T 
talk to eachother.

Upgrade and move on to better days.


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