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Re: X P70 monitor

( Don ) wrote:
> hi
> i have an IBM P70 Monitor and i was wondering if anyone knew where i can
> get the proper sync timings for X-Windows.  I'd like 2 set it up w/
> 1024x768.  thanks
> dOn

Could we please dispense with the net.kool.dood lingo here? "2" does
not have the same meaning as "to" or even "too". I was
confused by your first post inquiring about "x-windows 2 display
16-bit" which could certainly have meant that you were interested
in running X Windows on 2 (ie. "two") separate monitors. I'm not
trying to be formal, snobbish, or stuffy--I just think that all
posts to this list should use language which is as clear as possible.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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