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Re: a question (stupid?)

On Mon, 17 Mar 1997, d. nathan hood wrote:

> i am having some problems mounting a remote file system on my computer.
> i have PPP up and running and am having no problems with it, but when
> i try and mount a remote file system i get an "unknown file system error"
> the command i am using is
> mount prophet4.unl.edu:/usr1/user5/nhood /disks/prophets -t nfs

1. the "-t nfs" should come at the start of the line, like so:

    mount -t nfs prophet4.unl.edu:/usr1/user5/nhood /disks/prophets

   see 'man mount' for more information.

2. does your kernel support nfs?  you have to either have it compiled into
   the kernel or as a module.

   if it is compiled into the kernel, you don't need to do any more.

   if it is compiled as a module, you need to edit /etc/modules and
   add a line containg "nfs".  to load the nfs module by hand without
   rebooting, type "modprobe nfs" from a root shell.

   btw, you can check what filesystem types are currently supported in
   your kernel by typing:

	cat /proc/filesystems 

   or use the procinfo command.  see 'man procinfo'.

> also another question, when i try and start a remote application
> through X-windows (XFree86) i get an error something about the server
> not being able to access the client or the other way around. is there
> a file hat i need to edit to allow the two machines to communicate?
> again i have tried to find it in the docs and FAQs and have not gotten
> much help...

xhost is the command you need to use.  try 'xhost +remotehostname' to allow
remotehostname to use your DISPLAY.


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