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a question (stupid?)

i am having some problems mounting a remote file system on my computer.
i have PPP up and running and am having no problems with it, but when
i try and mount a remote file system i get an "unknown file system error"
the command i am using is

mount prophet4.unl.edu:/usr1/user5/nhood /disks/prophets -t nfs

prophet4 is an SGI IRIX  i think i have been concurrently logged into the
machine (over telnet) when trying to run it

i am very new at this (been running debian for 4 days :) ) and have searched
the FAQs and Documentation and haven't found a good answer.  this may be
an X-windows question and not appropriate here, if so i apologize

also another question, when i try and start a remote application through
X-windows (XFree86) i get an error something about the server not being
able to access the client or the other way around.  is there a file hat
i need to edit to allow the two machines to communicate? again i have tried
to find it in the docs and FAQs and have not gotten much help...

thanks in advance
-nathan hood
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