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Re: Upgrading from slackware to debian


> I wonder if it is possible to upgrade from slackware to debian, and
> keep most of my system. Is there an easy way to do this, or should I
> just fdisk the thing and start all over?

	I recently upgraded from slackware 3.0 (linux 1.2.13) to Debian
(linux 2.0.6) and still have both resident on my host.  It is therefore
possible.  Following the Debian instructions, I used fdisk and started
all over in a fresh partition.  This was not easy.  In hindsight, I believe
that it was safe but not necessary to start fresh.  I believe that it
can be done much more simply using the slackware environment.

	If you or others are interested further, please email me direct,
so we don't use list bandwidth.

						Trying to help,
						Robert Meier

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