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Re: Connecting to a Windows NT server

Leandro Asnaghi-Nicastro wrote:
> Hello =)
>   Has anyone managed to succesfully connect a Windows NT server?  THe
> How-To's I've looked up and the books I have bought assume I use a
> normal server (Unix/Linux) but unfortunately at work we run Windows
> NTfor our servers ..

I currently must use '95 to connect to my ISP... he runs NT...I'm
assuming your using PPP (no slip
support in NT that I remember)...anywho, NT uses PAP to authicate (sp?)
logins..it also has support
for some microsoft propritary (someone correct me if my memory has gone
bad on this one) As Far as the 
PAP goes try looking at the PAP How-to, maybe you'll have better luck
than me..I have been unable to
get it to work on my system (next week I Switch ISP's to one running
Linux/Solaris :-)  

> Any RTFM please tell me where to find the information.
I did a search on http://dejanews.com on it and came up with the above

Tadghe De Djin

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