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sound-blaster/ide channel 2

Hiya Debian users!

I just upgraded from Slackware 2.0 to Linux/Gnu 1.2.8 (read reformatted
harddrive and installed Debian) So far things are great except
for 2 things...  I have a 8bit (old but stable) SoundBlaster
(Factory default setup, IRQ 5 etc etc) and so far have been unable
to figure out *how* to set it up under debian...I know debian uses
modules and believe that it uses them for the sound card...
 2.  I have an IDE CDROM(Sony CDU55E) on IDE channel 2 (/dev/hdc) (only
device on the second channel, CD is setup as master, and works without
any problems under dos) However I can't seem to get Linux to reconize
that *anything* is on /dev/hdc  is there a way to let the kernel know
that the CD is on ide1 ?

Thanx for your time! any RTFM replies please point to what manual  and
where I can find it :-)

Tadhge De Djin

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