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Re: sound-blaster/ide channel 2

On Thu, 13 Mar 1997, Christopher C. Pitts wrote:

> Hiya Debian users!

> I just upgraded from Slackware 2.0 to Linux/Gnu 1.2.8 (read reformatted
> harddrive and installed Debian) So far things are great except
> for 2 things...  I have a 8bit (old but stable) SoundBlaster
> (Factory default setup, IRQ 5 etc etc) and so far have been unable
> to figure out *how* to set it up under debian...I know debian uses
> modules and believe that it uses them for the sound card...

 It's dangerous to answer these questions without a box in front of you, 
but I think I can at least point you in the right direction. What I would 
suggest is that you get a kernel source package and read the 
documentation that comes with it. Then, compile and install a kernel 
tailored just to your hardware. (The default kernel comes with lots of 
things you don't need, because it has to support a lot of different 
hardware.) This tends to clear up lots of little nagging problems. (If 
you have X working, use "make xconfig" - it's quite useful. Read the docs 
if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

>  2.  I have an IDE CDROM(Sony CDU55E) on IDE channel 2 (/dev/hdc) (only
> device on the second channel, CD is setup as master, and works without
> any problems under dos) However I can't seem to get Linux to reconize
> that *anything* is on /dev/hdc  is there a way to let the kernel know
> that the CD is on ide1 ?

 Again, a custom kernel tends to clear up problems like this. However, 
you can also pass in options to the kernel with LILO. Read the LILO docs 
for the full story, but you can try several different options when you're 
first booting up. The syntax is something like:

 [label for os] [options]

 for example:

 linux cdrom=/dev/hdc

 Again, look at the LILO (and maybe kernel) docs for real examples before 
you try anything.


 Ray Ingles             (810)377-7735           inglesra@frc.com

 "Every question has a simple, easy-to-understand wrong answer."
                        -H. L. Mencken

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