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lprng+samba+some_filter? (WAS: LPD network printing)

On 13 Mar 1997, Graeme Stewart wrote:

> This is a problem with the `lpr' package. My solution (the solution?)
> was upgrade to lprng (in the unstable tree, but I've had no
> problems). Some people have reported that it messes up Samba
> configurations, but that seemed to be surmountable too (and if you
> have no windoze hosts, it won't be a problem).

While on this subject, maybe somebody could help me here.

This is the setup I have:

o Debian box (lastest 1.3), no printers attached
o Windows 3.11 Box, Postscript printer attached, workgroup+sharing
o Both machines are on the same network.

There's another Debian box here where I use lprng, and it works very
nicely, so I'd like to use lprng on the other Debian box. I use
samba to send jobs to the Postscript printer, but there are a couple of
situations where a filter would come handy (there are a coupe of users
here that don't get the idea of what a .ps file is and insist on printing
.dvi's), so I'd like to use magicfilter.

The problem is that I cann't get these three things working together. What
I did what set magicfilter as an input filter (if=whatever), and a shell
script that calls samba_print <name?> as an output filter (of=whatever),
but this doesn't work. In the printcap, lp is set to /dev/null, but
there's nothing unusual.

Any ideas on this?


		Marcelo <mmagallo@efis.ucr.ac.cr>

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