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X installation problems


	Thank you in advance from a newbie.  Any help in installing X would
be appreciated, especially regarding

	o booting to a login screen

	o configuring the mouse for left-handed use

	I have been trying to install
		Debian 1.2
from the	InfoMagick Dec 1996 6cd set
using		dpkg
on a		Dell Dimension XPS133c
with		Number Nine FX Motion 771 graphics accelerator
and		Trinitron D1526TX-HS Ultrascan monitor
and		PS/2 3-button mouse

	dpkg did not complete installation the first time, and would not allow
reinstallation, configuration, removal, or purging because it was "already
installed" or "in a bad state".  I finally used dpkg --force-dependencies
to purge xbase and reinstall it.  After running xf86config, I could run
startx to begin an X session but the screen was unusable.  After copying
(and editting) XF86Config from my slackware installation, I was able to
run startx and use the windows.  After hand-editting /etc/inittab, and
/etc/rc4.d/S99xdm, xdm is started as a deamon at boot.  Unfortunately,
though xdm remains running (as seen by ps -ax), no login screen is presented.

	I have read /usr/doc/HOWTO/HOWTO-X11R6 and man [xdm xinit startx ...]
but have been unable to find any way to cause or inhibit presentation of a
login screen when xdm starts.  My understanding is that when xdm starts,
it runs the setup script and then presents a login screen to all hosts
that access it.

	What configuration do I need so that debian boots to a login screen?

	What configuration (change to XF86Config) is needed to reverse the
button assignment (left-handed instead of right-handed use)?

	Ideally, I would like the following run level assignments

	0 - shutdown
	1 - single user
	4 - multi user (no xdm daemon)
	5 - multi user (xdm login screen)
	6 - restart

						Robert Meier

FANUC Robotics North America, Inc.	Internet: meierrj@frc.com
Voice: 1-810-377-7469			Fax:      1-810-377-7363

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