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Problems Compiling Kernel 2.0.27


        I have been trying to recompile my kernel 2.0.27. I would like to
use Menuconfig but I'm missing the

file 'lxdiaglog.o' in /usr/src/linux/scripts/lxdialog. Does anyone know
where I can get a copy?

So I tried running 'make config' that goes along fine until I try to compile
the sound board option.

gcc tells me I'm missing the 'configure' in /usr/src/linux/drivers/sound. I
have read the Readme.linx file, 
but I don't how to run the script that is appended to the end of
Readme.linux after I have deleted the first 

part of file.

        Also I have tried to compile the 2.0.27 kernel without sound. 'make
config' works fine but, when try 

running 'make dep' gcc say it can't find 'mkdep.c' even though 'mkdep.c' is
present in /usr/src/linux/scripts.

If it is in the wrong directory which directory should I put it in.

                Thanks in advance, & 73 for now.

                        Dave Loken VE6DJL         

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