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Re: Problems Compiling Kernel 2.0.27

On Sat, 8 Mar 1997, David James Loken wrote:

> Hi!
>         I have been trying to recompile my kernel 2.0.27. I would like to
> use Menuconfig but I'm missing the
> file 'lxdiaglog.o' in /usr/src/linux/scripts/lxdialog. Does anyone know
> where I can get a copy?

I'm not sure why you'd want this file. The only catch with running 
menuconfig is that you need to install ncurses-dev.

> So I tried running 'make config' that goes along fine until I try to compile
> the sound board option.
> gcc tells me I'm missing the 'configure' in /usr/src/linux/drivers/sound.

Did you set both "Sound card support" and "/dev/dsp and /dev/audio 
support" as well as the specific card (say, Sound Blaster for example).

> I have read the Readme.linx file, 
> but I don't how to run the script that is appended to the end of
> Readme.linux after I have deleted the first 
> part of file.

I copied the file to /root, called it sound.configuration, edited out 
the surrounding text, chmod u+x so it's executable and typed
./sound.configuration (I think). Remember that . is not in root's path 
(security risk).

>         Also I have tried to compile the 2.0.27 kernel without sound. 'make
> config' works fine but, when try 
> running 'make dep' gcc say it can't find 'mkdep.c' even though 'mkdep.c' is
> present in /usr/src/linux/scripts.
> If it is in the wrong directory which directory should I put it in.

I think if you get error messages, it usually means you've done 
something wrong in the configuration stage. It certainly did with me.
(Or forgetting to clean each time.)
I'd be loath to start moving things about in the source tree.

>                 Thanks in advance, & 73 for now.
>                         Dave Loken VE6DJL         

David Wright, Open University, Earth Science Department, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
U.K.  email: d.wright@open.ac.uk  tel: +44 1908 653 739  fax: +44 1908 655 151

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