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Re: running script files.

On Feb 7, A. M. Varon wrote
> It seems that shell scripts i have made in my debian distrib. doesn't run.
> you need to put ./ in front in order for it to execute.

Bash will only execute programs which are specified in your path (to
see what your path is, type "echo $PATH").  If "." is not in your path,
then it won't execute programs in the current directory.  If you want
to be able to execute things in the current directory without specifying
the "./" before it, then try this (in bash):
	export PATH=$PATH:.
This will add "." to the end of your path.  To do this every time you
log in (without retyping it every time), put that line in ~/.bashrc.  This
is a script that is run every time a shell is started by you, and in
particular, it is run when you log in.
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