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Re: kerneld problem


	I don't use NFS with Linux, so I am not sure about that ...

	As to compiling your own kernel, and the modules you have,
 well, you configure a kernel by running make menuconfig (or xconfig
 or config; the same basic configuration, the user interface is
 nacurses, X, or the standard text interface). 

	Look at Documentation/Configure.help for details on what the
 modules mean. Re run the configuration, if needed, until you are
 happy with the selection. 

	The modules package merely gives you tools to handle the
 modules you select (you can load them, look dor dependencies,
 etc). It does not give you modules you use.

	After you have configured your kernel to your liking (using
 make {menu,x,}config as above, the package kernel package comes into

 # make-kpkg --revision c501 kernel-image 
	will give you a brand new kernel image package, complete with
 the modules you selected, which can be installed as usual using dpkg
 -i, and that will handle System.map, and links in /, and all.

	Please read the documentation in <path_to_kernel>/Documentation/ 
 and in /usr/doc/kernel-package/, and best of luck.

	Holler of you'll need help.

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