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list service improved

The list service on debian-user should be up to speed now. Some of the
smaller mailing lists have lost their subscriber data - if you aren't
seeing messages from them, please re-subscribe by sending mail to
list-name-REQUEST@lists.debian.org, where list-name is the list you
want. The lists won't subscribe you twice from the same address, so
this is safe. I am trying to get the subscriber data restored.

List service is currently coming from debian.novare.net, which is
supposed to be the hot-site backup for master.debian.org (but isn't yet
fully set up for that). We also lost the 16-processor machine
mongo.pixar.com that was formerly doing our list service, as my company
decided to sell it (this was a separate incident from losing the
subscriber data, which was my own dumb fault). Debian.novare.net, a P75
with 32M RAM running Debian 1.2, seems to be able to run at least 120
qmail deliveries concurrently without the load going over 1.5 , so I think
we'll do OK.


Bruce Perens K6BP   Bruce@Pixar.com   510-215-3502
Finger bruce@master.Debian.org for PGP public key.
PGP fingerprint = 88 6A 15 D0 65 D4 A3 A6  1F 89 6A 76 95 24 87 B3 

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