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Fresh Debian on UMSDOS?


Brian K Servis wrote:

> So the question is how can he install a fresh Debian to his DOS/VFAT
> internal using UMSDOS?

By using my experimental Debian installation software.

I would rather not make this generally available yet as there are some
known problems to be ironed out and some of the extra features may be
integrated into the standard disk sets in due course. Beside myself, I
have a report of one mostly successful installation onto a SCSI ZIP
drive with a DOS file system.

If you would like to help with testing or just want to try it out then
let me know by email and I will send details. You will need to
download 9Mbyte of files.

Giuliano Procida.

A note on VFAT. The long file names used by Linux will be provided
completely separately from those under Win95 which uses a different
technique. Thus long file names on one system will be a mess on the
other. There is apparently a UVFAT fs in progress which integrates the
two better.

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