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Re: Why is PPP so screwed up!?!?!

On Mon, 3 Mar 1997, Jason Costomiris wrote:

> [Now over the next day, I'll get about 10 bounces.  Can someone fix the
> flippin' list?  How about an Errors-to: header? ]
> On Sun, 2 Mar 1997, Shawn Asmussen wrote:
> > Cool off, man. What they seem to be talking about IS a Debian issue.
> > Although ppp support IS compiled into the kernel, the pppd is separate,
> > and the method by which you establish a connection, be it through pon, or
> > a custom script like I use, because as far as I know pon will not redial
> Hmm..  Better not tell that to my system.  pppd keeps redialing until it
> gets connected..
I run myown scripts for ppp not the pon. be that as it may.. all thats 
needed here is to make a script that greps for ppp / pon .. whatever. set
this on a cron and bang! if the connection drops, your check script, run
at intervals set via cron, sees it down and restarts it. 

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