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Re: Problems with mouse.

In your email to me, Brown, Paul, BROWNPA2, you wrote:
> Debian GNU/Linux 1.2
> Old Microsoft Inport Bus Mouse Adapter Card and Mouse
> msbusmouse module installed saying that device is /dev/msmouse
> gpm installed with device set to /dev/msmouse and type set to any of bm/ms 
> or bare
> When gpm goes into it's test phase it says that it connects to /dev/msmouse 
> fine, but
> none of the types give me any joy.  Can anybody help ?
> I have read some older messages from this mailing list that said something 
> about needing
> to get a new kernel version, is this still required for the latest version 
> of Debian GNU/Linux.
> If so what do I have to get and where do I get it from ?

Well, I have the exact same setup. My gpm.conf is:

#  /etc/gpm.conf - configuration file for gpm(1)
#  Written by Martin Schulze <joey@debian.org>
#  Mostly self-explanatory.  If you mouse seems to be to slow, try
#  to set responsiveness=15, append contains some random arguments appended
#  to the commandline.

Everything, including X11 works will.


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