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Re: Unstable vs. Stable


On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Ed Down wrote:

> On 24 Feb 1997 jghasler@win.bright.net wrote:
> > Ed writes:
> > > ...once I had a working system of X/lesstif/latex/gcc and a lot of utils
> > > I couldn't see the point in upgrading.
> > 
> > That's fine if you never intend to add any new packages.  If you do,
> > eventually you will be forced to upgrade do to changes in libc, the kernel,
> > perl, etc.  It is my understanding from what I've read on this list that it
> > is pretty much impossible to upgrade an "old" installation like mine
> > without re-installing.

Is depent how old... Debian is young and the very first release was 
little buggy. But you can surely upgrade with a little handwork. Most of 
the time, the handwork resume to use dpkg instead of dselect to upgrade 
some critical package (such as dpkg itself). See the 1.2 FAQ about this.

1.3 announce to be very stable and easy to upgrade (hep! we learn from
experience :) and we looking forward to keep this for further release. 

> > -- 
> As far as I can deduce from the directory structure at Debian, you CAN get
> new packages from the original release - minus all the updates - by taking
> them from the 'rex' directory. As I understand it 'rex' still contains all
> the packages (that were available then) as they were at the release of
> 1.2.0. So if you installed 1.2.0 you can still add new packages from there
> without upgrade incompatibilities.
> Ed  (Who welcomes being shown to be wrong on this subject...)

That's right but sometimes, bug fixes are important and can broke old
package. Some thing make exception (such as jumping from 1.2 kernel to 
2.0, or major version change in libc) and you must be more careful.

Hope this help.

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