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Re: Unstable vs. Stable

On 21 Feb 1997, Rob Browning wrote:

> jghasler@win.bright.net writes:
> > In other words, if you don't have plenty of money, don't use Debian.
> It just means that you can be as cutting edge as you feel comfortable
> with/can afford.  Many other systems don't even give you that option.
> Also, CheapBytes sells a Debian CD for $2.99.  I doubt that that would
> break anyone's bank.
Currently running Debian on a 486/25 16 megs RAM,540 meg hd b/w laptop,
four years old and getting older. This is cutting edge technology? And
yes, I run X, Xemacs, kernel recompiles, etc. Most people in reality can
do fine with a 486DX2 with about a gig of HD space. Unless you play a lot
of 3d games or do some serious multimedia development there is no need to
run Linux on a high end computer. Of course, the extra speed is definetly
nice and noticable :) (I have a pentium running Slack somewhere else...
but hardly use it, since this trusty old laptop contains most of my
	It would be nice if I had color, though.... Laptop prices are in
the mid 1500's for older 100 mhz models. The missing CD-ROM is not a big
deal if you can do an ftp installation. Then you can install the drivers
for one of those pcmcia cd-roms Heck, my current setup only has a zip
drive attached.
	As for desktop models, you can get a 133 or 166 dirt cheap.


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