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Re: Unstable vs. Stable

On 21 Feb 1997 jghasler@win.bright.net wrote:

> Craig writes:
> > If you dont have a good net connection, I'd recommend getting a
> > freshly burned CD with unstable on it once a month and upgrading
> > from that.
> In other words, if you don't have plenty of money, don't use Debian.

not at all. 'i recommend' is not the same as 'i insist' or even 'you

if you dont have a good net connection or enough money to get an
unstable cd every month or so then just use the stable distribution.

like i said, i think of stable as a poor man's debian....it's OK but not
as good as the real thing.

my opinion is just my opinion.  it works for me, and it works for some
others.  it may or may not work for you.  take it or leave it.


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