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rescue disk fails booting, cannot install ..

I had just posted this to comp.os.linux.setup, as i found out of
the debian-users list. so im sending it here too.

Briefly : I concluded that to be able to install Debian on my machine
	i need to have a root.image file for the rescue disk which then
	i make up myself (with an own working kernel). Where can i get
	a Root Image for the installation please ?

I set up the 7 installation diskettes and started with the rescue disk.
It goes ok up to the point where the aix7xxx driver complains about missing
BIOS32 extentions. It says that it still depends on it gives a panic not
syncing message and hangs.

My machine is an encient ISA/VLB motherboard w/ 486DX/2 and an
adaptec 2842 scsi controller.

I used to have big problems with the aic7xxx/2842, but some day in the
past they stopped and since then up to my current kernel 2.0.28 it works
fine. Only if i compile PCI extentions in my kernel - which i don't need
of course - then it does not work.

It is natural the universal boot kernel of the debian's rescue disk
includes a PCI support, but this makes me very unhappy.

So the solution for me would be the download the compressed root image
of the rescue disk and rebuild a rescue disk using a kernel of my own.

thanks for any help,

stelios parnassidis

Stelios Parnassidis <stel@ikaria.camelot.de>
Kapuzinerstr. 8, 80337 Muenchen, Germany, Tel. +49-089-7211505

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