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suggestion for dselect

This may be in the works, but I like the way smit(aix) handles software.
You can apply, commit and reject applied stuff. This would be nice in an
instance where a package is installed and broke/not working. For example,
I just d/l the newest netbase/netstd, and something appears wrong with
tcpd. On connects from another machine (irc) tcpd complains about 
Feb 20 00:19:28 walterp tcpd[833]: connect from unknown
Feb 20 00:21:49 walterp ircd[860]: warning: can't get client address:
Transport endpoint is not connected

Now, I cant find the old netbase/netstd packages. I would like to have
tcpd work correctly, for the irc connects. If you have a solution for
this problem, let me know.

I would prefer responses by email as I have taking myself off debian-user
until I can catch up on my mail. I still get the digest, however.


P.S. oh, I would like to help the debian project. What can I do?! 

Walter L. Preuninger II                       waldo @ irc.wasteland.org:#unix
walterp@rapidramp.com                           http://walterp.rapidramp.com

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