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Re: want lilo on sda not sdb

In your email to me, David_Oswald@prenhall.com, you wrote:
>         after installing debian on sdb (the second drive in scsi based 
>      machine - scsi id2), lilo went and performed its installation to 
>      /dev/sdb, not /dev/sda ... woe is me - now I'll need to use a floppy 
>      to boot...
>         I only can boot this machine from the floppy now. Can I tell lilo 
>      to install itself to the first SCSI disk (/dev/sda) on this machine? 

Yes. This is quite easy. This is one problem that I have with the way
Debian installs lilo. Edit /etc/lilo.conf, and change the first line to


Save the file, then run 'lilo'. It should respond back something like

Added Linux*

Reboot, and you should be all set. IF you happen to get just


when you reboot, boot back with the floppy, and add the line


right before the line that starts 'delay=', and rerun 'lilo'.
This should be what you need.


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