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Re: Problem solved for fdisk (?)

> I have apparently solved the problem with my large disk, though not in an
> entirely satisfactory way.
> I noticed that fdisk will not allow a partition to begin AFTER cylinder
> 1024, be it a logical or a primary partition.
> I therefore had my last partition start before cyl 1024 and all error
> messages have disappeared.
> This is not entirely satisfactory since I did not want such a large
> fourth partition...

As I understand it, Linux should be translating your disk geometry
anyway, so that you don't appear to have over 1024 cylinders,
and hence no problem. My Quantum 3.2gb drive officially
has > 6000 cylinders (by 16 heads, 63 sectors) but
Linux sees this as 779 cylinders instead, and an appropriately
larger number of heads.


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