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SWAP problem, have anyone seen it?


I do have a problem with my debian system. It do work OK for one day, but
then in one day or two i do get (lots of) swap errors like

   swap_duplikate: trying to duplicate unused page
   Bad swap-tabel entry (not exact wording)
   trying to free unused page (not exact wording)

After a while the system runs out of memory (out of memory for cron, out of
memory for update...etc). I then cant log in or do anything usefull. Sometimes
I still can swap betwen wc but not do any.... Ctr-Alt-Del will sometimes start
to do somthing but will newer shutdown the system... lots of bad rebots...

This started under Debian 1.1 kernel 2.0.0, I then uppgraded to Debian 1.2.5
and kernel 2.0.27 (instaled kernel - no costom recompile). I have a intel
486 DX4 100 on an Asus mothercard AMI-bios and a 1.2 GB EIDE harddisc. 
16M RAM and 64M Swap (later changed into two 17M Swap-partisions - No progres).

After uppgrading my kernel reports to be 2.0.27 at boot-time, but kerneld
reports 2.0.0 while booting. Is this normal?

The problem do (alvays?) happen when the machin is idle so I have checked the
BIOS powersave options an disabled some that was previos enabled (whitout

   Have anyone sen something similar?
   Can this be a bad swap partision?
   Hove du You check a swap partision?
   (I have rebuid the swap whit mkswap)
   Pointers, anything?

If this is a bug somewhare, can I be to help with debuging info? This thing
is happening about 3-4 times every week so it shuld be debuggable. Is ther
anny loggs I shuld look into? Debuging mode I shuld aktivate? Tell me! If
You ned more info ask me!

I'm afraid all thes bad reboots gona bite me finaly. Help is werry welcome.

Any sugestion besides going thru the Bios setup again (pointers to the bios
setup is welcome to)? 

TIA /Lars (Hope You can understand, and stand, my poor english)
   /  / _/_ _/_ Lars Hallberg IT-konsult      Micro++
  /\_/\ /   /   www.micropp.se/lah            www.micropp.se            
 /   Micro++    OOP C++ WWW-Design Utbildning LINUX FreeWare

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