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MH 6.8.4-8 broken or feature?

I promiced to report my upgrade 1.1 -> 1.2. I did belive I done that but do
so no more.... It was probably trapped by the spam filter and newer returned
to me. The upgrad of MH to 6.8.4-8 broke my From field. The upgrade story is
old by now but I repost it if You want to.

First the row "localname:      micropp.se" was removed from /etc/mh/mtstailor
and the FAQ describing it was removed from /usr/doc/mh. Both werry
understndable as mh no longer care about that line when I put it back...

Is ther another way to specify the E-mail domainame whit this version of mh,
or is it a bug. It cant be intended to force the maskin-name into the E-mail
adress? Must be a comon case where peopel run the mail apps on network-clients
with maskin-names diferent from the right E-mail name.

I have read the docs in /usr/doc/mh/papers and many of the mh man pages
inncluding the man page of post (hwo is probably messing up IMHO).

Do anyone have a simular problem? Ponters? solutions?

AFIK smail cant change the From field in outgoing mail. Dont want to swap my
MDA over this and i starts to like both mh comandline tools and exmh...

A temporarly fix is to put a From: field in ~/Mail/components but that results
in an incorect Sender: field insted. Hope the Spamfilter dont trap the Sender:

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