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Re: Ungraceful shutdown

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, David L. Parsley wrote:

> Just HOW BAD is an ungraceful shutdown?  I.e., when somebody just hits
> the power
> switch?  Besides forcing an fsck, would fsck tell me if some file were
> corrupted?
Yup. I've actually trashed parts of filesystems by accidental shutdowns,
but this is rare. Usually fsck just updates the info on the fs (I have no
idea what this means, updating the ext2 fs map? I've never delved into the
ext2 filesystem.) Sometimes I'll lose files due to losing power...But
since I don't have the error log, I can't tell you why.

I've also screwed up the rdev info on the kernel this way too... (again, I
can't say why... but when you have a power failure on your cpu I suppose
all bets are off....)

Supposedly Linux polls the disk every so often, and syncs what it has in
memory with what's on disk (that's why you have the buffers in memory).


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