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Ungraceful shutdown

Just HOW BAD is an ungraceful shutdown?  I.e., when somebody just hits
the power
switch?  Besides forcing an fsck, would fsck tell me if some file were

BTW, I'm having the 'XX  interrupt' problem on boot-up as well,
coinciding with
syslogd.  I added the ';;' to the default case, but that didn't do it. 
starting and stopping syslogd from the command line with the same
switches didn't
cause the message.  I'm guessing, then, that it's a BASH 2.0 problem? 
But then,
switching the order of syslogd & klogd didn't change things; syslogd
still triggered
it.  I'm afraid that's about the limit of my analytical ability with
Linux without
doing a LOT more reading.  (heck, I wasn't even sure if switching the
order was a
Bad Thing.)
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