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Re: minor DNS problem

Hi Andrew, You wrote:
 Andrew> I can connect to machines on the local ethernet fine, using
 Andrew> numeric IP addresses (can't see outside the local domain, due
 Andrew> to the firewall, but that's another story..). Also, I can
 Andrew> connect using name instead of number for a couple of machines
 Andrew> I put into /etc/hosts by hand.
 Andrew> My /etc/host.conf file says order hosts,bind multi on
 Andrew> and /etc/resolv.conf says search bath.ac.uk nameserver

I am not sure about this, maybe I am wrong, but AFAIK you can't do


I.e using commas in one namserver line, split it into 2 lines with
trailing "nameserver" for each one of them.


Boris D. Beletsky                          borik@isracom.co.il
Hebrew University                             borik@debian.org
Jerusalem, Israel                        phone: +972 2 6411880

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