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Re: Memory leak in 1.2.6?

Joe Piche writes:
-> I have a big problem with the latest debian distribution (2.6?).
-> I find that it will begin to swap like crazy after awhile.

-> This problem was not in the debian I was running before.
-> My system is a:
-> 486 SX/25, 4 MB ram, 645 MB maxtor ESDI drive w/ Ultrastor 12F
-> controller, CGA vid, and a Novell ne-2000 Plus-3 ethernetcard.The swap
-> is 20 MB.

4M is a bit lean for a modern system. The kernel is probably 1M+, and
that's all unswappable, which leaves 3M or less for daemons and other
programs. dselect takes up 1.2M when it's first started up, and
probably more if you're doing any work at all. One thing that might
help is compiling your own kernel and configuring it to include
exactly what you need, but I'd recommend getting at least another 4M
if you want to do anything useful with your machine.


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