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Need help about diald & dselect:

Hello all,

I have two questions need your help.

1)I configured diald in my system but when I boot my system, I'll
  get a message during boot.
  "Trying to start diald.  /etc/diald/diald.options does not exist."
  I have the following files in /etc/diald:
  Can you tell me why I'll get the above message during boot with these
  files in the right directory?

2)I am trying to use dselect's FTP method without any success.  I strted 
  pppd first.  The program and my modem seem working properly.  I checked
  /var/log/ppp.log file and the message was like this:
        pppd 2.2.0 started by root, uid 0
        serila connection established.
        Using interface ppp0
        connect: ppp0 <---> /dev/ttyS0
        local IP address
        remote IP address
  I think above message looks OK.  Then I started "dselect" access method
  "FTP".  When dselect was loaded, I got a message "hostname: Host name
  lookup failure".  Does this mean anything?  I just ignored this message
  and filled in information for fip site, passive, and username etc then
  hit return.  I got the following messages:
  Connecting to ftp.debian.org....
  NET::FTP: Bad hostname 'ftp.debian.org' at /usr/lib/perl5/Net/FTP.pm line 405

Can you tell me why?

Thanks in advance.

Jimmy Lu

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