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Another network forwarding question.

I was trying to set up a debian box as a gateway from a small 4-bit
subnet to a larger 8-bit (class C?) subnet.  I have the kernel
configured properly (I think), and I have the two network interfaces
on the gateway and the routes set up.

>From one of the machines on the 4-bit subnet I can ping all the other
machines there, and the gateway machine, including both of the
gateway's interface addresses, the one on the subnet, and the one on
the external net.  However, I can't ping any other machines on the
external net.  I have used tcpdump on the gateway machine to see that
the pings are going out, but that the higher level gateway on the
external net is sending arp lookup packets for the machines on our
4-bit net, and getting no response.

Our administrators said that our gateway machine should be responding
to these arp packets for all the machines on our 4-bit subnet, but
it's not.  Can someone how I can make this happen?


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