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Re: X aborts

On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, Richard Sevenich wrote:

> One of the machines onto which I am installing Debian 1.2.1 responds to startx
> by making a window (no mouse cursor visible) and then returning to command line
> mode (X server shut down). Other factors:
> 	* X ran ok under Debian 1.1
> 	* gpm only lets the mouse cursor enjoy vertical motion
> 	* startx spews out lots of text that seems ok, but ends with
>           PEX extension module not loaded
> 	  XIE extension module not loaded
> but such extensions were unpackaged and installed. I'll continue tweaking, but
> would appreciate any hints.
Victor T. had similar problems. His mouse didn't work at all in X. He did
a re-install and everything came up ok. This may be a problem with
dependencies that leaves something crucial unconfigured by dselect. Try a
second pass with dselect and see if that fixes things.
If you get any hints from this process about what, exactly, went wrong, we
would all appreciate hearing about what you discover.



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