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Some help with X11

I have recently installed XFree 3.2 from the Debian 1.2 distribution.  I have a
Cirrus Logic 5434-based card.  I have run XF86Setup and managed to get some
working modes that looked good.  I then saved the config file.  However, when I
type 'startx' there is always an error that reads something like 'clgd5434 is
an invalid chipset.'

How can the XF86Setup utility work and start the server with usable modes only
to be left with a useless XF86Config.

BTW I put the new XF86Config's in /etc/X11/ and have a link from
/usr/lib/X11R6/ (or whatever the appropriate directory is for XF86Config's) to

Thank you for any help,
Paul Rightley

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