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Re: xterm color

|"Are you quite sure?  Perhaps they're just not finding stuff that you
|"add to them?
|"I found this in /usr/doc/xbase/debian.README (it's at the very
|"end of the file):
|""Please note that this distribution expects you to leave app-defaults
|"files unchanged. If you want to customise X applications globally, put
|"your customisations in /etc/X11/Xresources."

This is a bad idea, in general. It would mean that these resources are
stored in the server, which takes up memory, for one thing. The other thing
is that you get in all kinds of precedence problems if things are stored in
multiple places.

Unexpected behaviour due to resource settings is very hard to track down.
Ronald van Loon (ronald@and.nl)

"I am waiting as fast as I can! I want patience, and I want it *NOW*!"
                                                     - Bethany J. Parkhurst

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