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Re: Buggy "mime-support" package? :-( (re:)


  While we are on the subject of mime-support,  I'd like to know
  if there is some command that I can run at the command line to
  decode a mime'd file?


Brian C. White wrote:
:> Well, trying to deinstall the mime-support for apparent reasons i just get
:> *lots* of dependancy conflicts making it impossible to do without this
:> thing. Here the relevant lines from the dselect dialog:
:> ----------------------------cut-here------------------------------------
:> pine depends on mime-support
:> apache depends on mime-support
:> xpdf depends on mime-support (>= 2.01-1)
:> metamail depends on mime-support (>= 2.02-1)
:> lynx recommends mime-support
:> xanim depends on mime-support (>= 2.08)
:> ----------------------------cut-here------------------------------------

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