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Re: A proposal to improve dselect


On Wed, 8 Jan 1997, Jonas Bofjall wrote:

> About what could be made easier in Debian:
> I gave Debian 1.2 to two people who has little or no experience with
> Linux. They both made the same mistake, not installing the 16 color X
> server. This should be clarified, that you will need it because it
> provides things essential to configuring X.

	I have a suggestion for the Debian development team.  Perhaps, we
could (start to) include some info on why certain packages depend on
others.  That way when dselect complains about a dependency problem the
user would be informed on the reasons behind the dependencies.  I know
this probably wouldn't be a trivial thing to implement, so I was thinking
maybe support could be built into the next dselect for it.  That way
package maintainers can take their time upgrading the packages to support
this feature.  This then would have solved the 16 colour X server problem
above, by telling the user that VGA16 was needed to configure their

			just my 2cents,

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