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At 07:15 PM 1/5/97 -0600, Guy Maor wrote:
>No, dselect's ftp method, dpkg-ftp, uses perl's Net::FTP to do ftp
>(the protocol).  It does not require ftp (the client).  Use dselect to
>get netstd and you'll have ftp (the client).
        It may have gotten lost when the list went down last week, but I
posted about the dselect pseudo-ftp not working either.  So since I have no
ftp binary, or way to get the netstd package, I am still out of luck.
        When I run dselect and attempt to connect this is what I get...
> >Using FTP to check directories...(stop with ^C)
> >
> >Connecting to ftp.debian.org...
> >Net::FTP: Bad hostname 'ftp.debian.org' at /usr/lib/perl5/Net/FTP.pm
> >line 405
        Someone from this list forwarded me this, and it is the EXACT same
thing that happens to me.  I tried it with that host, other hosts, etc.. no
good.  It bombs out just like that :(
        So, until I can find some 1.1 disks, or this gets fixed my server is
still down...



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