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>         When I run dselect and attempt to connect this is what I get...
> > >Using FTP to check directories...(stop with ^C)
> > >
> > >Connecting to ftp.debian.org...
> > >Net::FTP: Bad hostname 'ftp.debian.org' at /usr/lib/perl5/Net/FTP.pm
> > >line 405

This is a dns problem that means the name "ftp.debian.org" can not be found.

I think the problem is caused by one of these errors:

	1.  The ethernet card is not setup correctly: bad ip address, gateway
	    address, or connection.

	2.  The resolv.conf does not point to a active dns server.  During the
	    installation of the base system, you are asked where the dns server
	    is located.  Specifing the system that you are building as the dns
	    server will not work because dns will not be setup until after
	    bind is installed.

	    Edit the resolv.conf and make it point to an active dns server.

	3.  The ip address of the dns server in resolv.conf is not correct.

I hope this helps.


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