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Re: [1.2 installation]: how to tell X to follow swapping of control and caps lock from loadkeys


> My system (1.2, from Infomagic CDs) doesn't seem to have it.  I have
> the manual pages, but no such executable (either installed or listed 
> in the Contents file).  Which specific package is it in?

I think there is a dependencie missing. Hmm.. no its not missing.. hmm..
some systems might not have VGA cards.. anyway.. its in the svga16 server
package, since it will start up an vga server in the default vga mode which
is supported on most systems without configuration. Therefore you will have
a X Setup program toedit the XF86config file.

For your questions I can't help much, dont have the time to figure it out,
but have you looked in the Keyboard FAQ, yet?
and XF86Config(5x) together with the documentation for the applications which
dont work correctly should help. And dont forget that console setup is
completely different from X-kbd setup. Within X it differs from application
to application. Probably you need to setup xterm correctly before shells and
apllications within the shell will work.


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