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Re: [1.2 installation]: how to tell X to follow swapping of control and caps lock from loadkeys

> From: lists@lina.inka.de (Bernd Eckenfels)

> Why dont u use the grafical setup tool XF86Setup? There is a menu point for
> configuration of the keyboard. It will display the keyboards you may select
> and allows you to use checkboxes for the options.
> This tool should be started automatically if you istall the Xfree86 3.2
> packages! Can't you rember it or din't u see it yet?

My system (1.2, from Infomagic CDs) doesn't seem to have it.  I have
the manual pages, but no such executable (either installed or listed 
in the Contents file).  Which specific package is it in?

Anyway, I want the real documentation so I can understand what's really going
on--and to be able to know the options for fixing things.  (E.g.:

- how to get Alt to work again as Meta in Emacs and xterm (or bash?)

- how to get non-ASCII ISO8859-1 characters using Alt (well, probably only 
	the other Alt key)  (That is, how can I have a normal U.S. keyboard, 
	and enter accented characters occasionally?)
- whether those two things can happen at the same time

- why my numeric keypad is screwy:
	- why the Num Lock LED is backwards
	- why Emacs and Netscape ignore the numeric-keypad keys in numeric
		mode (they yield digits when typed into bash in an xterm)

- etc.


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