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In article <[🔎] 970105185626_1822964429@emout05.mail.aol.com>, Eamiller@aol.com writes:
> I have a question concerning my cd-rom.  When the kernel boots up, all of the
> cd drivers can't find my drive.  It is a Creative Labs 8X model 840.  It is
> connected to my promise EIDE controller as the 2nd drive.  What driver should
> I use, is there a generic ATAPI driver that will work for my drive (and how
> do I install it?)?


I think the IDE/ATAPI driver is in the std. kernels, but I may be wrong.  But
you need to say `hdd=cdrom' (or is it `hdc=ccdrom' -- do you have your CD-ROM set
up as the first (c) or second (d) secondary drive?) as a boot-time parameter (I
think this is covered in the CD-ROM HOWTO).  To get this to work every time via LILO,
read the LILO docs.  HTH.

				Clemmitt Sigler
				Va. Tech Physics Dept.
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